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We’re excited to offer you the convenience of online banking, and we hope that you enjoy the array of online banking options that our Bank offers.  With the added convenience of our Internet Banking Service, you now have access to your accounts from anywhere in the world, twenty-four hours a day, at no charge.  You also have the added benefit of bill pay, which pays your bills online.  This invaluable feature frees you from the hassle and expense of writing checks and mailing your bills.

From our homepage, you have access to information about our checking accounts, savings accounts, and loan programs.  You can also access various calculators from our homepage to aid you in financial planning. 

Before you can access your personal account information, you must enroll in our Internet Banking Service by clicking the “Enroll” link on the right-hand side of this page.  Once approved, we will notify you via email and you can begin taking full advantage of the benefits of online banking.   

If you are not currently a customer of our Bank, please explore the site to see what we have to offer or stop by the Bank to discuss our various products and services.  The First National Bank of Peterstown prides itself on being a hometown bank that supports and reinvests in the local economy.  All business decisions are made on-site at both our locations in Peterstown, West Virginia and Narrows, Virginia.  We can meet your financial needs, and do so on a first-name basis, which is a rare commodity in today’s banking world.

If you’re currently banking with us, we encourage you to see what online banking has to offer.  Please click on the “Demo” link on the right-hand side of this page and follow the options provided.
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